Nicaraguan Opposition Groups voice support for Trump agenda in Bolivia and Latin America

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 14 November 2019

Nicaragua’s opposition groups, which are supported by groups in the UK such as SOS-Nicaragua UK and UNAB-UK, have published a number of statements applauding the recent military coup in Bolivia and echoing Trump's agenda not only in Bolivia but for the whole of Latin America.

The Civic Alliance (Alianza Civica) states “Bolivians have demonstrated that unity is key to asserting the will of the people”. They also quote Donald Trump’s declaration on the coup – “These events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail”

Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco (UNAB) state “The great achievement of the Bolivian people gives us hope, only a people who resist guarantee freedom! Congratulations to the Bolivian people – Nicaragua is with you”

The Articulacion de Movimientos Sociales states “We embrace the demands of the Bolivian people which have led to the resignation of Evo Morales and their legitimate right to social protest in the defence of the popular will which can remove or put in place governments when these governments stop listening to and obeying the people. Only the people can save the people. The triumph is that of the Bolivian people and they (the people) must continue!"

The Movimiento Campesino Nicaragua desde el Exilio state “The dictator Evo Morales has resigned. Congratulations to our brother Bolivarian nation” - the statement carries a picture of Morales walking alongside Chavez and Ortega.

All of these groups supported and even assisted the attempted coup in Nicaragua last year, echoing Donald Trump’s calls for regime change. The Movimiento Campesino is led by Francesca Ramirez, now living in Costa Rica, a long time opponent of the FSLN and one of the main organisers of the violent roadblocks that paralysed Nicaragua during May and June last year.

Screenshots of the opposition statements (in Spanish) can be found in the attached document (top right hand corner of this article)

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