NEW FILM ‘Nicaragua: The April crisis and beyond’ by Dan Kovalik and German Guitierrez

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The documentary explores the troubling events of April, 2018 during which Nicaragua was enveloped in chaos and violence. These events would later become the pretext for draconian US sanctions against Nicaragua.

This film includes interviews with Nicaraguans in cities and rural areas including farmers, politicians, street sellers, and the government human rights spokesperson.

It also includes the perspectives of internationalists who moved to Nicaragua to support the Revolution.

Their views of what happened and the impact on their lives paint a very different picture to that presented in the mainstream media.

Dan Kovalik, who narrates the film is a US lawyer and human rights advocate who has followed the politics of Nicaragua over four decades. He returned to Nicaragua after the April 2018 crisis to understand what really happened.

Commenting on the people who appeared in the film he stated: ‘These are the people who are going to be hurt by US sanctions. This is the most stable country in Central America and all people want is peace and to determine their own fate.’

‘A treasure trove of information that Americans should know but scarcely do’

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