CTCP welcomes declaration of support by Ortega government

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 29 September 2014

The Self Employed Workers Union CTCP has welcomed a declaration of support by President Daniel Ortega. The declaration recognises the invaluable contribution made by self employed workers to the social and economic life of the country, contributing 44% of GDP to the economy. In making his statement, President Ortega condemned the neo-liberal system which existed in Nicaragua from 1990-2007; under this system, self employed workers were marginalised, vilified and treated as a nuisance. They were excluded from all social benefits and had no political power. The rights of self employed workers have been restored by the Sandinista government, although the CTCP continues to campaign for the right of all self employed workers to be covered by social security. They are now seen as valued members of society who provide an alternative form of work for the majority of Nicaraguans who are unable to find employment. In this way, they provide stability and stability for many Nicaraguan families who would otherwise be struggling merely to survive.

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