About Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group (NSCAG)

About Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group NSCAG has worked with trade unions both in the UK and in Nicaragua since the time of the Revolution in 1979. Our work focuses on fostering and maintaining links of support and solidarity between trade unions in Nicaragua and the UK in order to share knowledge and experience, enhance mutual understanding and promote social and economic justice. Through this work we aim to:

  • Publicise the situation in Nicaragua and build active support in the UK labour movement and amongst the British people for Nicaraguan progressive organisations
  • Channel political, material and moral support to partner organisations in Nicaragua
  • Build a nationwide campaign of solidarity with the   Nicaraguan trade union movement

Ten national trade unions and over 100 trade union regions and branches are now affiliated to us.  Nicaragua remains the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. The continued support and solidarity of the UK trade union movement is of vital importance to Nicaraguan trade unions, who often lack the resources they need to carry out their work effectively. Support from UK trade unions has helped them to grow, strengthen their capacity and thus better defend the interests of their members and Nicaraguan workers.

NSCAG was registered as a company limited by guarantee in October 2002. Work with trade unions has been carried out through NSCAG since the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign became a charity in late 2004.

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NSCAG is supported by
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