Pic from La Voz del Sandinismo: 'The Revolution Continues' Nicaragua Update

NSCAG News | on: Wednesday, 20 January 2021

2021 is a crucial year for Nicaragua, with national elections due in November. We are today celebrating the departure of Donald Trump. But what does a future Biden administration have in store for Nicaragua? Will the US administration continue its attempts to sabotage the elections and subvert the will of read more

Majority of Nicaraguans Reaffirm Support for the FSLN

NSCAG News | on: Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A wide-ranging poll carried out by independent polling firm M & R consultores in December 2020 indicates that the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) maintains a big advantage over a fragmented opposition that lacks support and credible leadership. Results from the survey, which looked at voting intentions in the read more

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