Pic: Labour Outlook NSCAG and AFGJ webinar recordings now available!

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Recordings of recent webinars held by NSCAG and the Alliance for Global Justice are now available on YouTube. The recording of the NSCAG webinar held on 15 April - 'Regime change comes to the US: a Nicaraguan perspective' with speakers Nils McCune, Dan Kovalik and Coleen Littlejohn is available read more

US tries again to sabotage Nicaraguan elections

NSCAG News | on: Friday, 9 April 2021

In August 2020 a document called Responsive Action in Nicaragua (RAIN) was leaked from the US Embassy in Managua. It set out a well-orchestrated plan to destabilise Nicaragua and to launch a further coup d’état attempt in advance of the elections due in the country in November this year. read more

A letter from Dorotea

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 8 April 2021

Solidarity worker Dorotea Granada has written a letter to friends in the US highlighting the programmes promoted by the Nicaraguan Government that benefit thousands of low-income families. In the letter, Dorotea, who has lived in Nicaragua for 36 years, says that the with 36 United States empire considers intolerable the read more

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