UNE sends message to NSCAG Executive

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The following message from public sector union UNE was presented to the NSCAG Executive Committee at its meeting held on18 July:-

"Greetings to all NSCAG committee members and to all NSC members who have worked hand in hand with UNE-FNT for so many years and who have provided material and economic resources to empower the rights of public sector and municipal workers in Nicaragua.

Today Nicaragua has a very favourable climate for its workers. Public employees and municipal workers feel we are being treated with dignity and that the labour and social rights of all workers are restored with no political, religious or gender exclusion. This is the political will of Nicaragua’s president Cro. Daniel Ortega. To guarantee free association and collective bargaining; to guarantee that ILO Conventions 87 and 98 are upheld (The Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise), (Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention); and most importantly, something which no previous government has guaranteed, the historic demand from the unions - that of stability in public employment when there is a change of government. We are now also guaranteed salary increases, every year the minimum wage is revised by different economic sectors of the country and the minimum wage Law 625 is being enforced.

We also want to thank all of you for all of your efforts in strengthening solidarity with our country – with the workers and also the poor of Nicaragua. This support cannot be quantified as there are so many twinning links around the country.

A great support for the workers has been the funding channeled from UNISON to UNE for the Legal Office since 2011, a project which ended this year. Today we are beginning a new project with the support of UNISON – a Trade Union Training School. For the next two years the project will prepare our union leadership. The first module of the Training School is scheduled for 26th July and will train 50 union leaders over two years. The NSC is also supporting our self employed brother and sisters of the FNT through the CTCP.

I want also to highlight the important support that comes out of exchanges of experience during speaker tours and delegations between Nicaragua and the UK such as visits made by myself and young UNE union leaders. This strengthens us, getting to know the great capacity of the union movement through its close relations with the NSCAG.

Fraternal and personal greetings.

Domingo Pérez, General Secretary, UNE-FNT"

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