Health workers die in tropical storm NATE

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 9 October 2017

A rescue operation takes place. Photo from El Nuevo Diario

A rescue operation takes place. Photo from El Nuevo Diario

Three health workers - a doctor, a nurse and a driver - have died as a result of an accident caused by the terrible conditions arising from tropical storm NATE. The workers, all members of trade union FETSALUD, were returning from attending to an emergency in the region of Juigalpa. Messages of condolence have been sent to the union from NSC and NSCAG.

With the exception of Managua, the whole of Nicaragua has been affected by the storm which has caused at least 16 deaths and destruction and/or damage to some 8000 homes. Schools were closed (but have now been reopened) in order to house some of those affected.

56 medical brigades and 544 health workers have been sent to those departments most affected in order to help the population deal with the effects of the storm. Local communities have also involved themselves in the rescue operation, providing food and other necessities to those most in need.

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