NSCAG supports peace processes to end violence

NSCAG News | on: Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Truth Commission members are sworn in by National Assembly

Truth Commission members are sworn in by National Assembly

The tragic events that convulsed Nicaragua between 19 – 22 April resulted in 42 deaths (as at 30 April), hundreds injured, and damage and destruction to public and private buildings and institutions.

Since then, calm has been restored and demonstrations and rallies involving thousands of people have taken place calling for peace. By 27 April public services including schools, hospitals and public transport were functioning normally.

Addressing the deep social divisions that have opened up is critical to restoring peace and economic stability so essential to addressing the key problems that Nicaragua faces: high levels of unemployment and poverty.

To this end, the Government has announced the setting up of a national dialogue without conditions, involving all sectors. This dialogue will be witnessed and mediated by the Bishops’ Conference.

In addition, the National Assembly has established a Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace to investigate the killings of university students, other citizens, police and a journalist, and the sabotage of public and private institutions. The mandate of the Commission will be to understand, analyse and clarify what happened and to investigate the truth behind who was responsible for such acts of violence and hold them to account.

The members of the Commission are the Franciscan Priest Uriel Molina, Indigenous and human rights activist Dr. Mirna Cunningham, the Vice President of the National Council of Universities Jaime Lopez Lowery, human rights prosecutor Adolfo Jose Jarquin, and economist Cairo Amador

The Commission will have three months to investigate the deaths and violence committed since during protests against the social security system reform.

NSCAG stands in solidarity with the National Workers’ Front (FNT) in supporting the setting up of the National Dialogue and Truth Commission. This must happen as a matter of urgency to restore the credibility of the country and to continue the economic and social advances of the last ten years.

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