Protesters issue death threats to health trade union leader

NSCAG News | on: Monday, 14 May 2018

Jacaranda's belongings are set alight

Jacaranda's belongings are set alight

On 12 May, groups of protesters in Masaya, Nicaragua destroyed and ransacked the home of Jacaranda Fernandez, a member of the National Executive Committee of health trade union FETSALUD and Secretary of Region 5 of the union. Her furniture and belongings were taken out on to the street and set alight. At the same time, the protesters have issued death threats to Jacaranda and her family.

FETSALUD have issued a statement denouncing the attacks 'by groups of criminals and vandals financed by the right in our country and who cause anxiety to the population with their supposed 'peaceful' actions.'

The statement goes on to say 'We repudiate and condemn all these acts and express our solidarity with Jacaranda Fernandez. We call on all those who incite hatred and destruction to cease this barbarity against the people of Nicaragua. Health workers will continue our daily task of attending to our people and praying for peace in Nicaragua, trusting that dialogue will be the solution to the current problems'.

Teachers' union ANDEN have condemned the attack on Jacaranda and her family and have expressed support for the national dialogue as a way to achieving consensus and peace. They go on to say that 'teachers will continue to construct and promote the values of respect, love for one's fellow human beings and reconciliation'.

We have sent a message of support and solidarity to the union and to Jacaranda.

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