US issues instructions to Nicaraguan opposition

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 13 August 2020

Nicaraguan opposition groups meet with US Congress members, October 2019

Nicaraguan opposition groups meet with US Congress members, October 2019

Following the leaked document which gave details of US plans to instigate a further coup in Nicaragua, the US has made its intentions even clearer by holding a teleconference with Nicaragua’s opposition groups on 12 August. In a meeting which showed beyond doubt who is pulling the opposition’s strings, Michael Kozak, US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, stated that the US wanted to see clearer leadership in the opposition and issued instructions to the groups to put aside their differences.

Speaking with representatives of the Civic Alliance (AC), Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) and the Campesino Movement (MC), Kozak made clear the US’s concerns regarding the unity of these groups. He and his team stated that ‘soon there will be clearer leaderships of the opposition, for them it is key and they have to be unified’ and that ‘the US is betting on a united opposition’. Kovak added that he wanted the leaders should 'soon be known, as well as who or what will lead the political alternative against Ortega', a further indication that the US wants to know who they can line up to install as President should their new coup plans succeed.

In a reflection of ongoing divisions and resentments within the National Coalition established in June, Valeska Valle and Lesther Alemán, representing the student and youth sector of the Civic Alliance in the virtual meeting, said afterwards that they welcomed the support expressed by Kozak, adding “It was a frank and direct meeting, our representation expressed to the Assistant Secretary the refusal of the National Coalition to position itself as an inclusive space, where the representation of young people and organisations….have a full participation that allows a satisfactory integration to the demand of the people”.

The US have now openly published on the website of the US Bureau of Western Hemispheric Affairs their blueprint outlining ‘US support for a return to democracy in Nicaragua’ and the steps they will take, including further sanctions and support for Nicaragua's opposition.

The international community must do all in its power to resist the US as it continues with its determination to bring about regime change in Nicaragua and to install a puppet government which will bend to its will, a move which would see Nicaragua return to the dark days of neoliberalism which brought misery to the vast majority of Nicaragua's population.

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