Nicaraguan Foreign Minister denounces US efforts to oust the Sandinista government

NSCAG News | on: Thursday, 8 July 2021

Pic: el19digital

Pic: el19digital

In a recent interview with Sputnik, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada has denounced the United States for coordinating a plan, as they did in the 80s, to prevent Sandinismo from staying in power.

He stressed that Nicaragua is a free, sovereign, and independent State and that its electoral process is being carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Nicaragua, the electoral law and the mandates and provisions of the Supreme Electoral Council.

Whilst corporate media is portraying a number of those recently detained in the country as Presidential 'candidates' or 'pre-candidates', the truth is that in accordance with Nicaragua's electoral law, there are no candidates or pre-candidates until the legally recognised parties announce them from the end of July.

The full text of his interview can be found here.

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